Delicious desserts at Blikle😋

When we go to Poland, I plan in advance which coffee houses are we going to visit😀Choosing just one is a huge challenge as I would like to eat wuzetka, eklerek and serniczek (a Polish chocolate cake, an eclair and a cheesecake), but unfortunately, the truth is, that it’s not possible to have everything😔

In Blikle cafés I can find all desserts, which I desire. Eventually, I always end up with a creole trifle. It’s simply something I can’t resist❤️


My Granny adores Polish donuts filled with a rose jam. You won’t find better Polish donuts than the ones from Blikle. Yum!


At a Blikle café you can also buy the brand’s products or order a cake.


Here are other cakes which I want to taste soon.

I enclose a curiosity concerning wuzetka: Wuzetka is a chocolate cream pie and its name comes from the WZ route in Warsaw. The café which first started to sell the pie was located at that place.


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  1. Misabella says:

    These. Look. AMAZINGGGG!!! I am drooling 🙂

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