What to do in Moscow?

Hi everyone,

after sharing several posts regarding Moscow, I would like to make a complex one in which you will find all the attractions which I had experienced. Furthermore, I will add a few words about my general feeling.

Moscow is probably the largest and most different city to which I have ever been to. My first impressions were mixed but with the benefit of hindsight, I perceive Moscow as an interesting city. The architecture is unique and many buildings and places look fairytalelike. You can experience the contrast between poverty and wealth. What I really enjoyed was that you could feel the Russian spirit in the air. The people were extremely friendly and willing to help tourists.

Here is the list of places which are in my view worth seeing. I imagined there won ´t be so much information but… to make my post clear, I decided to split the content into more parts. Click on the links to previous posts to read more about a specific sight.

Red Square and the Kremlin

The most popular and recognisable sights are placed there. Red Square and the Kremlin are full of unique palaces, beautiful cathedrals and other interesting objects such as the largest bell in the world. More details here: MOSCOW: the Kremlin



GUM is a huge department store where you will find over thousand of luxurious boutiques. GUM is not attractive only for fashion lovers as the building is indeed beautiful, so it is definitely worth seeing. More details here: GUM – Heaven for fashion lovers


Bolshoi Theater

Bolshoi Theatre is a historic theatre. Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera are one of the oldest ballet/opera companies. They belong to the best ones and Bolshoi Ballet is so far the world ´s biggest ballet company with more than 200 dancers.


Alexander Garden

It is situated near Red Square and the Kremlin. In my view, it is a lovely park. Many people take a short rest there and enjoy ice cream or simply chat with one another. White hydrangeas caught my eye. They are amazing.


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

I badly wanted to see it since we planned our trip to Moscow. I was curious whether it´s as beautiful in reality as on the photos. Now I know it is breathtaking. This Russian Orthodox Cathedral is the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world. The best views are from the bridge leading to the cathedral. Many people have wedding photoshoots there.


Tretyakov Gallery

This gallery offers a huge collection of best Russian artworks. More details here: Tretyakov Gallery



You must see the underground in Moscow! Sounds odd, doesn ´t it? The subway stations are beautiful – mosaics, sculptures, statues…


Café Pushkin

Would you like to have a delicious cake? Go to Café Pushkin and you won ´t be able to choose just one. Elegant interiors, romantic atmosphere. More details here: Café Pushkin


Restaurant SIXTY

Admiring city landscapes while having tasty lunch is a great combition. More details here: Rooftop bar SIXTY


Eliseevsky Shop

Eliseevsky Shop is located on a popular street called Tverskay. It’s a grocery shop with breathtaking interiors, definitely worth seeing. Bear in mind that products there are more expensive than in other supermarkets.


Russian sweets

Personally, I ´m not a big fan of Russian sweets and particularly chocolate as the taste is slightly different and less intensive, however if you buy the high-quality ones, you won ´t be disappointed. What I like most about Russian sweets is the design – lovely packagings with cute pictures.


Have you ever been to Moscow? If not, would you like to see it?😊


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  1. Misabella says:

    I would love to see Moscow! Great pics, it looks like you had a great time 🙂

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    1. Oliwia says:

      I highly recommend seeing this city! You will find there many charming places 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dmitrij Zajcev says:

    very interesting text and nice photos 😀 good job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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