Rooftop bar SIXTY✨

Rooftop restaurants provide a great opportunity to take stunning photos but also a chance to experience a magical and romantic atmosphere✨

When we were in Moscow, we went to a restaurant called SIXTY. Surprisingly, it is situated on the 60th floor😀 in a building called Federation Tower.


It´s not so easy to get to the restaurant. You will have to take two lifts. The first lift goes to the 58th floor, there you have to wait for the second lift. It takes you to the 60th floor but still you have to take stairs to get to the restaurant. The views are amazing – you can see the entire Moscow!😍


The interior is modern and unique.


Our Russian friend warned us not to have lunch or dinner there because of high prices. She advised us to have just a coffee. Well, when we saw the menu, the prices weren ´t that high. I mean, it depends what you want to eat but normal meals were just slightly overpriced. What surprised me was that a plate of fruits was almost three times more expensive than other desserts😳

Having a coffee while admiring city views was a wonderful experience. You can join the visit with shopping in a nearby gallery which is full of (especially for women) attractive shops!👛

If you would like to see the main sights in Moscow, watch my video!😊


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