CafĂ© Pushkin 🍰

I had seen desserts from Café Pushkin on Trip Advisor and the photos appealed to me to the point that I convinced my parents to visit this charming place.


The interior was magical, romantic, furnished with luxurious wooden furniture and there was a library with valuable books.


The cafĂ© offered both desserts and lunch menu (most of Russian cafĂ©s offer not only cakes but lunch and dinner meals too). We decided to have something sweet. It was indeed difficult to choose just one cake. Eclairs, Honey Pie, Napoleon Cake, Mille – Feuille… Finally, we ordered Napoleon Cake. Yum!😋


Definitely worth mentioning is the history of the café.

The café is situated in a house which previously was a pharmacy and a small café for customers which were waiting for their drugs to be done. Unfortunatelly, everything what remained from a beautiful building was a single wall. The interiors nowadays look still very old, however Café Pushkin was build and opened in 1999.

Andrei Dellos, a restaurateur with Franco – Russian roots, created CafĂ© Pushkin because of the song Natalie by Gilbert BĂ©caud. BĂ©caud sang about his stay in Moscow and mentioned CafĂ© Pushkin in his song, however the place was just imaginary. People who tried to find CafĂ© Pushkin were bitterly disappointed when they realised it doesn ÂŽt exist.

Furthermore, the name of the café is not coincidental at all as the famous Russian poet Pushkin used to stroll down the Tverskoy Boulevard.


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