GUM – Heaven for fashion lovers

GUM is a heaven for fashion lovers. It is a huge department store with loads of boutiques such as Prada, Moschino, Escada, La Perla, Burberry and many others. Calvin Klein came up with a great idea – the brand created unique sweatshirts and tops with a sign MOckBA (Mockba = the Russian version of Moscow, in azbuka c = s and b = v). Creative, isn’t it?

The interior is simply breathtaking❤️. In my view, it resembles the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milano a bit.


I ´d say that most visitors just pass by and admire luxurious items. What surprised me was the behaviour of shop assistants. They were friendly and willing to show you the products. The atmosphere was absolutely stress-free. Finally, I could see Moschino with my own eyes!😍


Don ´t forest to try popular GUM ice cream🍦. Don ´t worry, they are affordable (cca. 1 EUR). Mind, that the original ice cream is sold only in stands in GUM. The other ones which are sold outside GUM are forged.


The best time to visit GUM is the evening. Not only less people are there but also the building is beautifully illuminated✨.


If you would like to gain an overall impression of Moscow, definitely watch my video:


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