Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery was established in 1856 by P. M. Tretyakov. He created a collection of works by Russian artists which now counts approximately 130 000 pieces. The building was designed by Viktor Vasnetsov whose paintings you will find in the gallery.


There is a renovated church nearby which is connected to the gallery by an underground tunnel. If you would like to see paintings from the 20th century and the contemporary ones, you have to go to another building – New Tretyakov Gallery which is situated near Gorky Park.

Let’s get back to the State Tretyakov Gallery. My favourite paintings are:

  • Morning in a Pine forest – Ivan Shishkin: It represents bear cubs playing in the forest. The picture appears on the cover of popular Russian sweets “Mishka Kosolapy” (= a clumsy bear).
  • Sea landscapes – Ivan Aivazovsky
  • Bogatyrs – Viktor Vasnetsov: Three Russian Knights.


  • Butter Week – Boris Kustodiev: Butter Week takes place during Easter holidays. It is accompanied by a lot of snow, children ´s games and crepes which are eaten throughout the entire week.
  • The Trinity Icon – Andrei Rublev: It is considered to be the most famous icon of all Russian icons.


The tickets are not so expensive. Adults are charged 500 RUB = cca. 7 EUR, children under 18 can enter for free. To my surprise, taking photos was allowed and you didn ´t have to pay anything.

If you are interested in art or Russian history and traditions, a visit to Tretyakov Gallery will be an enriching experience for you.




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