MOSCOW: the Kremlin😍

Red Square is a huge square in Moscow where you will see traditional Russian buildings.

The name Red comes from the Russian word “krasnaya” which means both red and beautiful.


The most recognisable cathedral called Saint Basil ´s Cathedral is situated there. On the Eastern side of the square is GUM. GUM is a huge department store where you will find over thousand of luxurious boutiques. GUM is not attractive only for fashion lovers as the building is indeed beautiful, so it is definitely worth seeing.

GUM – the departmet store

The Moscow Kremlin is a complex which includes Grand Kremlin Palace (official residence of the President of the Russian Federation), palaces, cathedrals, Kremlin Wall and Kremlin towers. We can translate Kremlin as the fortress inside a city. I would like to mention the objects which appealed to me the most:

  • The Cathedral of the Annunciation – earlier used for weddings or celebrating name-days, now it is just a museum. It was built in 1489 by Krivtsov and Mishkin.


  • The Cathedral of Assumption – here Russian emperors were crowned. It is also the oldest church in the Kremlin.
  • The Cathedral of the Archangel – a resting place for Russian Royalty.
  • The Tsar Cannon – is a gigantic cannon which weighs cca. 39 tons. It has never been used in a military action. It is surrounded by cannon balls (each ball weighs cca. 1000 kilos).


  • The Tsar Bell – is the largest bell in the world (weighs cca. 202 tons, measurements: 6 x 6,6 metres). The bellfounding was accompanied by many disasters. In 1836 the bell was placed on its pedestal.


Both Red Square and the Kremlin were recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.


You can also watch my video in which you will see the best of Moscow!😘


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    Beautiful place !

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