Pinkish nude nails💅 (tutorial)

Nude is definitely a popular colour which finds its lovers in almost every season. At the very beginning of the nude colour mania I thought that it won’t appeal to me but…😉

I realized that nude lipsticks really suit my lips well. I also got charmed by dark nude clothes and then I came across this nail polish. I check the stand of Sally Hansen in the local drugstore regularly to see if any new nail polishes arrived. The nude one caught my eye and as there was a special discount at that time, I went home with a new prey😄


I wasn’t sure if I had made a right decision as I usually buy shimmery nail polishes (actually, they seem to look more flawless to me). What calmed me down a bit was the fact that it was a nail polish by Sally Hansen and I absolutely love the brand for their high-quality products.

After trying it out I knew that this thing will belong to my list of favourites. Classy, elegant and it goes well with most colours. It’s called Mauve-olous, number 244.


Down below is a short tutorial with a few tips.

Step 1. Paint your nails carefully with a nude nail polish (I use: Sally Hansen, number 244 from the miracle gel edition). Personally, I wait for cca. 2-3 minutes until I paint the nails on my second hand, so I don´t smudge the ones on my first hand by a mistake.
Step 2. Again, my tip is to wait for a minute or two before putting a second layer of the nail polish. Then I repeat step 1.
Step 3. Last step is to fix the entire look with a top coat.


What do you think about it? What are your favourite colours?☺

If you want, you can check my older post My long nails routine.


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