Nike Jordan shoes👟

I’m sure I inherited the passion for collecting shoes from my Mum. Trust me, it’s much easier to persuade her to buy shoes than anything else for me!😄

I saw a pair of white Nike Jordan sneakers in Warsaw. After trying them on, I almost ended up with those beauties but the price discouraged me. There I saw Nike Jordan shoes for the first time and with hindsight I realised that the price was actually very good. Well, regreting not buying things when they’re already unavailable has almost become my habit, so…😂

But as it’s said, nothing happens without a reason because now I’m a happy proprietor of these wonderful sneakers. They were in sale and only in my size, so I knew we were meant for each other. When my Mum was handing me the elegant black box, I could feel a wave of excitement passing through my body. I opened the box with a hint of uncertainty. When I saw the shoes I knew it was love at first sigh😍

A big advantage of the shoes is that besides being trendy, light and comfortabe, major part is made from leather.

I’m obsessed with them to the point that I can’t take them of my feet!


Let me know what are your favourite shoes😉


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  1. YamaKata says:

    Do you happen to have a photo of your sneaker collection? My 10 years younger brother has always had an obsession with collecting shoes, and although I’ve never been able to catch the same feeling for shoes, I can see the same sentiments in your post!

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    1. Oliwia says:

      Actually yes, I have a Converse and Vans collection which I share with my Mum. If you want, you can check my Instagram (olivianavratilova) where I have a photo of it. Just be patient, it has already been a while, so you will have to scroll a bit 🙂

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    2. Oliwia says:

      I am happy to hear that there is a person with the same passion 😀 How old is your brother? Which shoes does he like most?

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      1. YamaKata says:

        He’s actually the same age as you, crazy. He’s really into the new Nike FlyKnits though. Every time I talk to him, seems like he’s purchased a new one.

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