Next Door by Imperial restaurant review

I like sharing good food with my family in interesting restaurants after long sightseeing. It’s an important part of a trip for me😉

My Mum and I go to Prague regularly and by a blind chance we came across a restaurant called Imperial. It is held by a well-known Czech chef Pohlreich and the interior is breathtaking (for more information about it check my post: Imperial). Anyway, today’s post is supposed to be about new Pohlreich’s restaurant – Next Door by Imperial. As the name suggests, it’s located very close to Imperial J We booked a lunch there and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

The interior is is stunning. I really like the big mirrors. There is a section for the ones who booked a table in advance but also for those who just passed by and decided to eat there.

The idea of letting the customers peep into the kitchen is unique and it attracts a lot of attention. Basically, you an see how everything works in the kitchen and how the staff prepares your meal! Furthermore, if you are lucky enough, you can meet there… Mr. Pohlreich! Amazing, isn’t it?😀

FullSizeRender 3

Another advantage is that you don’t have to wait hours for your meal. I can recommend a few meals from my own experience:

  • Braised beef with creamy sauce served with dumplings and cranberries („Svíčková na smetaně s knedlíkem“) – This is an original Czech dish.
  • Fried veal schnitzel with creamy mashed potatoes – We had this last time and I really liked the crispy schnitzels. The creamy mashed potatoes were delicious too.
  • Sautéed rabbit kidneys with mustard sauce, Savoy cabbage and potato doughnut
  • Plum dumplings with poppyseed ice cream – Oh, the dumplings are something you must give a go. It was difficult for me to choose just one dessert from the dessert menu, which included many other tempting options, but I’m glad I had this one. So, so delish. The poppyseed ice cream was simply wonderful😍

So, if you ever go to Prague and hesitate where you should go for lunch, I highly recommend the Next Door by Imperial restaurant! I also recorded/made a short video about the restaurant, so you can watch it if you would like to see how it really looks there… and how the plum dumplings look😀


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