theBalm cosmetics review💁

When I came across cosmetics by theBalm, I immediately knew I had to see them. The packagings won my heart as I’m crazy about retro stuff. I was just worried whether the quality of the cosmetics will be as good as their appearance.


One day I headed to Douglas where I found the brand’s stand. I didn’t know where I should look first as all the things I kept chattering about were there.

When my Mum gave one blush a whirl, I was bewildered. I’ve never seen such a pigmented blush! We both simply fell in love with the products😍

In the end we could leave just with 2 items as unfortunately, theBalm doesn’t belong to the cheapest brands… I chose the blush and one eyeshadow. They are really worth their price and I added them to my list of beauty favourites without hesitation. Here are the swatches of my two new babies✨

the blush: theBalm INSTAIN, shade: Toile

the eyeshadow: the Balm Overshadow, shade: Work is Overrated


Which other products are worth giving a go? Do you currently have any favourites?

I attach my video in which my Mum shows how the products really look. Definitely watch it!😊


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