My long nails routine💅

I absolutely love having long nails and painting them. I know from my own experience that long nails are not really practical and sometimes they limit your manual skills, however I can’t resist keeping mine long.

I’ve always shaped and painted my nails on my own, which motivated me to look for a good equipment. I decided to give Sally Hansen nail kits and nail polishes a go and I’m glad I did.

In my view, a base for beautiful nails is their quality, that’s why I try my best to keep them in a good condition. I don’t invest in nail conditioners or other treatments but I rely on the homemade methods, which I will describe down below.



ORANGE JUICE – have you heard that sinking your nails in an orange juice for 10 minutes speeds up their growth? The reason for that is that oranges contain a lot of vitamin C and folic acid which stimulate the nail growth.

OLIVE /CASTOR OIL + a few lemon juice drops – the same benefits as in the method mentioned above. Just heat up a bit of the olive/castor oil and add a few drops of lemon juice. Sink your nails for 10/15 minutes.

GYMNASTICS – Manual gymnastics helps the blood to get to all parts of your hand, even fingers. Blood spreads all essential elements for healthy nails. Manual activities are: writing on a keyboard, playing the piano…

Watch out:

COLD can cause nail brittleness, so don’t forget about wearing gloves or mittens on chilly winter days!😉

Now, let’s come to the fun part – painting your nails. My favourite nail polishes are the gel ones by Sally Hansen. I know they’re not the cheapest but so far I have mainly good experiences. Sincerely speaking, the gel nail polishes are super long-lasting – once it lasted for more than approximately 3 weeks (no chips, no fading out). The colours are true to the packaging and another great fact is that after washing off the nail polishes, the nails are not damaged.


The procedure may seem quite long but investing some money and time is really worth the result. All you have to do is to put 2 layers of the nail polish and then cover them with a top coat. I recommend making 2-5 minute pauses between each layer to make sure it won’t clump or smudge.

I’d love to extend my collection, so I’m curious what are your favorite colours. Let me know in the comments!😘


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