PRAGUE: Vyšehrad🏰

My love for Prague is inexplicable – each time my Mum and I go there, we discover new places, which win our hearts. I’ve been planning for quite a long time to prepare several posts about my dream city and eventually I chose Vyšehrad to appear as the first one.

Vyšehrad is situated not right in the city centre but it’s not difficult to get there (I recommend using the underground). Just after you make a few steps from the underground, you will notice superb views but definitely carry on walking to the church and the cemetery.


My favourite path is the one which follows the outer defensive walls as there you can find the most breathtaking views. Simply stunning😍


After a short stroll you will get to the cemetery. It’s an indeed significant one as most of the most important people of the Czech history are burried at that place. You can see graves of well-known composers, writers or politics. The graves are beautiful – a lot of colourful mosaics and detailed statues.

A huge church with unique doors is located just next to the cemetery.


So, if you spend a few days in Prague and you would like to see something different from what other people do, don’t forget to put Vyšehrad down on your list!😊



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    1. Oliwia says:

      It is a beautiful city❤️

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and for the follow! So interesting to read about Prague and Warsaw and the food…I’m planning to visit Eastern Europe in August!

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    1. Oliwia says:

      Enjoy it!😀


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