Hotel Imperial Art Deco review

Hello there!

I’m going to Prague soon, so I thought it could be a good idea to make a review of my favourite hotel in that location.

Art Deco Imperial is a hotel which is beautiful from the inside out and I personally think it could be on the list of sights too, haha 😀

When you arrive at the front door, you can admire the architecture of the old building. The interiors are spacious and luxuriously furnitured.

The rooms for the guests are always clean, tidied and equipped with elegant elements. Beds are comfortable and even though the hotel is situated in the city center, I’ve never been disturbed by any noise at night. During your stay you have a free access to the Internet.


The staff there is extremely friendly and always willing to help.


The main pride of the hotel is a restaurant&café which is held by a famous Czech chef and a TV personality Zdeněk Pohlreich. The menu includes traditional Czech specials such as braised beef with creamy sauce served with dumplings and cranberries („Svíčková na smetaně s knedlíkem“). I highly recommend ordering a chocolate fondant as a dessert. All the dishes are heavenly delicious!😋 The breakfast at the hotel is great – you have loads of options and you definitely won’t feel bored!

While enjoying your meal you can admire the mosaic design. It’s breathtaking!


The hotel is located close to the popular sights (Prague’s Muncipal House, the Wenceslas Square…), the shopping center Palladium, the shopping street Na Příkopě and last but not least, it takes just a few minutes to get there from the Main Train Station.

My tip (which you probably won’t find anywhere else and it may seem a bit odd) is to pay attention to the taps in the toilets, which resemble gooses’s heads – they’re beautiful.


To summarise, Art Deco Imperial is a hotel to which I will always return. The prices are unfortunately quite high but they’re totally adequate to the quality.

Whenever I choose a hotel in a place which I’m visiting for the first time, I read other people’s reviews to help me in making the final decision. My opinion on Art Deco Imperial is sincere and based on my personal experience, so I hope it will be helpful for you in case you plan to make a trip to Prague one day 😊


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