Timberland shoes 👞

After one long walk I realised I won’t manage winter walks in wellington boots anymore. Meeting me in wellington boots is quite likely as I’m always „on or between walks with Arktis“, which means I’m usually wearing something suitable for muddy countryside and easy to clean😂

In winter I struggle with low temperatures and my soles simply freeze in the wellington boots which get terribly cold, so I decided to look for shoes which would keep me warm. Subconsciously I picked Timberland shoes in a shop and I couldn’t put them back on the shelve. The metallic design appealed to me and I thought I shoul give them a go.

So far it seems I’ve made a good decision. The shoes are not only trendy but simultaneously really warm, light as a feather and comfortable💕

*Click on each photo to zoom.

Do you have any experience with Timberland products?


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