Manner müsli review

Hello Everyone!

Recently I’ve come across a contest organised by Manner and I decided to take part in it.

The winner would have got a special product – Manner müsli – which he could have tested before it had been located on the market. The contest task was writing a comment, in which I had to give reasons why I should get the müsli mix, below the contest post.

There were many participants and my entry was rather simple and spontaneous, so I was really surprised when I found my name on the list of the winners. It took me a while to believe it😊

Since that moment I was waiting for the delievery of my prize. Finally, it arrived – it was packed with great precision👌

Manner müsli mix reminds me of my homemade granola. It is a healthy snack – it contains less sugar, a lot of fibre and it is 52% wholemeal. The tiny pieces of Manner traditional wafers give an original sweet finish to it.


In this post I will share with you my idea of serving this yummy müsli mix (I am sure there are many ways of serving it so the final choice is definitely up to your personal taste).

The classic combination müsli + yoghurt is never wrong (I used a greek yoghurt).


Manner müsli is so delicious, that it can disappear within a few seconds once you’ve opened the box. If you have a cup of tea therewith, you’ll absolutely love it!😋

So, my opinion (and Arktis agrees) is, that this müsli mix is müsli No 1.😄




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