Hello 2017!✨

I still can´t believe 2016 is over.

This year passed by incredibly quickly!
 It wasn´t the easiest one – we moved to a new house and had to get used to it, we went to Prague, Warsaw, my phone died😂… well, the list could be endless.
 Anyway, 2017 has just begun and has opened up new opportunities! I´m so curious what will the year bring… hopefully, just good news😌

Have you already written down your New Year´s resolutions? Here are mine (Hmm, if I will publish them, maybe it will be easier for me to stick to them?)

  • no procrastination 🚫
  • being patient (completing tasks, achieving my goals) ✓
  • managing my emotions better 😍😀😢😡
  • positive attitude 👍
  • making accurate plans
  • starting up new enriching projects
  • carrying on with my IG, blog…
  • sticking to my healthy lifestyle routine🍎
  • swearing less

Happy 2017! A lot of health, love and luck, nice people around and last but not least, fulfilled dreams!🎉

(click on the photos to zoom)



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