Christmas 2016

This Christmas was already the second one spent in our new house.
Sharing Christmas with the closest family is our tradition – I live with my Granny, so our only guests were Grandpa and Granny from my Dad´s side. My Grandpa still behaves like a teen sometimes, so you never know what he will surprise you with 
In Poland there´s a big emphasis on getting ready for Christmas – it looks like Polish women probably don´t sleep as they have so much to do. This year I tried to help my Mum as much as I could.
Although we didn´t have the 12 meals which are a must in Poland, I think we did really a good piece of work. My Granny made her vegetable salad with mayonaise, helped us with preparing a beetrut soup and my Mum and I made dumplings with meat. We baked simple cookies with a layer of non-sugar jam and keks – traditional Polish cake with raisins and nuts. My Father´s task was to bake a turkey for our Christmas dinner.

Here I attach a few photos (click at them to zoom).

Our Christmas tree🎄





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