Fall in love with Warsaw

This post is about a city which is really close to my heart.

I spent all my childhood in Warsaw, so each year I go there my memories awake.

The purpose of this post is to show you the amazing places that I visited during my three day stay. It was a wonderful trip, big thanks to my Mum who enabled me to escape from the everyday reality at least for a moment.

I hope you will appreciate it.


This socialist building was not popular among Polish people because of its history, however nowdays it is perceived in a different way. You can admire spectacular views of Warsaw from a roof terrace (the 30th floor). The terrace is secure (no open areas), so you can go there even if you suffer from fear of heights.



ch-warsaw-6In Warsaw you’ll find mainly modern architecture, however Old Town is full of streets with picturesque old houses.

Many well-known sights are situated there such as Royal Castle just at the beginning. To other important things to see belong the statue of Warsaw Mermaid on the Old Town Market Square, which is the heart of the area or “Kamienne Schodki” Street leading to the Vistula river.

This oldest part of Warsaw is surrounded by the city walls and the Barbican. There is a statue symbolising Warsaw Uprising nearby.



ch-warsaw-9If you are a nature lover, you must visit the Royal Baths Park. It’s stunning and it’s a perfect place for a relaxing stroll. The landscapes are alluring particularly in autumn when you can find there almost all colours you can think of. A big attraction of this park present squirrels, which are extremely tame and friendly to the point they climb up your leg to get a nut without a hesitation. So, before going to the park, make sure you have some nuts!

The huge statue of a famous polish composer F. Chopin at the entrance of the park is definitely worth seeing.




I’m sure that after the long tours you’ll get pretty hungry. I highly recommend the restaurant on the Warsaw Old Town Market Square called „U Fukiera“. It’s poshly decorated and the food menu is rich in traditional polish meals such as meat dumplings, a beetrut soup… The food is really top quality because the restaurant is held by a polish chef Magda Gessler who also takes part in many TV food programs such as Master Chef.



I’ve already mentioned Warsaw is a kingdom of colossal modern buildings. My favourite ones are Q22 and Warsaw Spire (at night a neon sign „Kocham Warszawę“ – I love Warsaw is displayed on it).


If you love traveling, make sure Warsaw is somewhere on the top of your list because it is a unique and magnificent city. I’ve also created a video which records my entire trip:


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