Homemade beauty tips💁

All girls would love to have thick eyebrows, long lashes or flawless, healthy looking skin. If you desire someone’s massive brows or lashes just like I used to do, don’t stop on admiring. Only few people have been born with perfect beauty features, so take action – there is plenty of natural products which will help you to enhance your beauty.

CASTOR OIL/VASELINE: full eyebrows + thick and long eyelashes

Naturally, I have rather dark and thick brows, but recently I’ve realized I over plucked them… the only fact which makes me feel a bit better is that it is proved by specialists, that plugging out is addictive and strangely satisfying.

Anyway, I wanted to grow my eyebrows, so I bought a bottle of castor oil and a vaseline balm. I put it on my brows and also on my lashes with a clean mascara wand.

Beyond a faster growth, I noticed my brows and lashes have more intense color. I really recommend giving this technique a go.

BRAID OVERNIGHT: beach waves

We always want something that we don’t have – for instance I’ve always dreamt of having naturally wavy hair. Curling my hair takes quite a long time, furthermore I didn’t want it to be in a bad condition, so it was usually straight. Making braids seemed as a good option but I feared that I will look as if I wore a sheep wig.

Not long ago I wanted to try it and I was amazed that I woke up with the desired effect on my head. My secret is: separate a section on the top of your head and make a ponytail from it. Then make one braid which will include the ponytail. This is effective particularly after washing your hair and blowing them out a little.

100% CARROT JUICE: naturally tanned skin

I love dark tan. I’m obsessed with sunbathing and nothing can make me stop doing it even though I know how many side effects it causes. In winter I always felt miserable because I hate the fact that my skin is terribly pale.

During summer I used beta-carotene capsules for enhancing my skin tone and I thought it might work even during winter. However I didn’t want to take supplements all year round, so I decided to substitute the capsules with natural source of beta-carotene – carrot. Carrot soups, 100% carrot juices, carrot slices… Just buy a lot of carrots! If you don’t like carrots at all, one glass of the juice per day is absolutely sufficient.



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