SKYPORN – when to take photos of sky&clouds


My sky obsession began after signing up to Instagram, which is full of stunning photos of the sky. I don’t remember paying too much attention to picturesque clouds, spectacular sunsets or other sky displays before, however now I love to look up to the sky and admire the impressive art of nature.

I observed the sky for quite a long time and I’d like to share my hints, when the sky gets really photogenic.

COLD SPELL – A friend of mine told me, that if I fancy seeing a pink/red coloured sunset, I must know when it gets colder – the spectacular sunset takes place on the evening before a colder day. It’s great when the sky is a bit cloudy – the clouds adapt to the colour of the sky and you will feel as in a magical wonderland.

MORNING FOG – If the night was cloudy or the place is generally humid, it’s very likely that if you wake up at the crack of dawn, you will see a fog rising from the surface of the earh or water. I experienced it in mountain meadows in Italian Dolomites, which are situated really high, and sometimes the clouds are only a few meters above you.


FULLMOON – Fullmoon is shrouded in mystery. There are many myths associated with it, but the fact that the sky is often cloudless and sometimes turns to extraordinary shades of blue – for example turqoise – is quite true. I heard that the weather improves (especially in the mountains) as the fullmoon gets closer and this statement motivated me to do a little research. I love hiking and good weather is essential for long mountain journeys, so I’ve been keeping a record of weather before and after fullmoon recently and it looks like it really works!


CLOUDS ON A SUNNY DAY – If your plans include sunbathing, you probably won’t be glad when groups of fluffy clouds will appear on the sky. Anyway, my photo tip is to wait for a single cloud (not that rainy cloud which spreads over the entire sky) to partially cover the sun. The sun rays will have a chance to get through it and you can achieve a very dramatic shot, which looks almost as if you used Photoshop.

I’m not a scientist and I made these observations mainly for fun, however sometimes simple thoughts lead to good results. I hope it was an interesting post for you and if you have any other „layman‘s“ tips, I’m looking forward to reading them in the comments!😘*All the photos were taken by me.

Love, Olivia


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