My new camera📷

Photography addict? These words still don’t express how much enthusiastic I’m about photography.

I took part in a competition organised by Mc Donald’s and Polagraph. Competitors had to public a photo, which captured love. It could be anything. I uploaded a photo of me and Arktis sitting together in a field full of purple flowers, which I admire every year.

Winners were chosen by the organisators and I was very happy it was not about the number of likes – people like to compete unfairly.

There were four instant cameras Instax Mini 8s waiting for their new owners. The winners were announced gradually and after three were chosen, I lost my hope. I can’t explain how big my happiness and surprise was, when I saw an unopened message on my Instagram. At first I thought it was my Mum, who I messaged a while before, but when it turned out it was from Mc Donald’s… I almost dropped my phone!😄

After some complication at the post office I finally held my prize. It’s amazing! I can’t wait to take some photos with it! Mc Donald’s, Polagraph, thank you so much! I’m in love💗



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  1. rezinate says:

    Congrats on your winning entry and prize – great photos on your site.

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