Big makeup and beauty haul💛

Finally comes the promised post! Beauty haul summer 2016!

The delay was actually caused by the fact that Clarins is in sale, so it was hard to predict which product will be really the last one….😂 I started with 2 (my birthday presents), but then the amount suddenly increased and I wanted to share with you my complete collection.

Clarins is my favourite brand, both skincare and make-up. I’m very lucky as my Mum shares my fascination. Here is the list of Clarins products, which I tested personally and in a nutshell, I’m delighted with all of them! I attached prices, which are available on the Clarins official website.

DAILY ENERGIZER LOVELY LIP BALM (limited edition) $20.00

Super hydrating, sheer and glossy – adjusts to the shade of your own lips. I totally love the fruity essence.clarins-lipsticks

ROUGE ECLAT LIPSTICK (01 nude rose) $28.00

I was hesitating whether I should pick this one or pink praline (Joli Rouge Brillant). My Mum gave it to me as a birthday present, so fortunately I didn’t have to make the decision. And she made a really good one.

For long time I couldn’t find „my perefct nude lipstick“. Too light, too dark… of course I have many beautiful lipsticks, but they’re pinky or peachy. This lipstick suits almost every look and definitely belongs to daily basic essentials, which is always useful to have around.

Creamy, rather with a medium to full coverage, long lasting.clarinsmascara


Intense black colour, big volume and extraordinary length. I’ve just started to learn
how to use it properly. Personally, mascara is the thing which changes how I look and feel most.

At first I was a bit disappointed as I achieved clumpy lashes, but it was because of my incorrect application. Just make sure there’s not too much of the product on the mascara wand.

WATERPROOF EYESHADOW (01 golden peach)clarins
I immediately knew it’s a must have. I’ve already had once a similar eyeshadow (but from a different brand) and I was upset when I realised the tube is almost empty. Clarins eyeshadow is firmly pigmented, shimmering and extremely long lasting (actually it took me a while to wash it off). The shade is looks stunning on the lid.

SHIMMER OIL (I’m not sure if it’s available online)clarinsoil

Who follows my blog, knows, I‘m obsessed with suntan and everything, what enhances it. This oil includes little sparkles, which make your skin glow. Simply amazing!


I like sets as they provide an opportunity to try various products for a convenient price. Furthermore, they may be a great gift idea.clarinssets

Do you have any of the products? What is your experience? Let me know in the comments!😘


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Molly says:

    Everything you got looks amazing! I hear the best things about Clarins! Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oliwia says:

      Happy you like it!😊


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