My summer outfit – Rose Princess💕

I almost lost all my hope for finding a perfect rose place. Each time I found one, something was wrong – roses were too small, the backround was inapriopriate or the location was situated near a busy road, so there was no chance of taking any photos.

Recently I’ve joined a group on FB, where people share their experiences with my city and eventually there I found the answer to my request. I didn’t heasitate long, the first day, which was sunny I set off for my „rose challenge“.

What I’ll wear was clear – bright colours and lacy design are really trendy this season and dresses simply make us, girls, look definitely more feminine. This dress I got in a local outlet and for months I had no idea it’s from a luxurious brand – TFNC (I know the brand and having a dress from TFNC was always my big dream – I wish I looked at the tag on my dress earlier😄). It fits me perfectly, it’s light as a feather and I need to emphasize that the finish is brilliant✨

The photoshoot took place just one day before my birthday, but it was actually not that stressful as I thought it will be. The photos are taken by the most patient and loyal photographer – my Mum. I must say she’s becoming a real profi.😉

At the moment, these photos are the favourite ones (of me).

Any tips for other summer flowers? I’m totally obsessed with floral backrounds.💗

*Click on the photos to zoom.


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  1. imeastyle says:

    I love the dress, perfect for summer. 🙂 I think you found the perfect background for shooting the photos.

    //Timi from

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    1. Oliwia says:



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