My Provence💜

Lavender fields seemed unreachable – one of the most beautiful are in distant Provence. Not long ago, my granny suffered from a gastric ulcer and my Mum and I visited her in a hospital. Once, we took Arktis with us, because the countryside near the hospital is stunning. From the street I saw some blooming flowers and I said: “I wish they grew in a place, where we could enter.” Well, it looked like my wish was heard by the Nature as it turned out that the blooming clematis grew in a garden, which belonged to the hospital and the gate was open… We slipped in and fortunately nobody was there.

The view which came to my eyes was breathtaking – thousands of lavender lanes. I absolutely love purple, so… my Mum had to smuggle me and Arktis once again, because I simply had to take photos there. Even though we weren’t that lucky next time and we were almost caught by guards, I’m still sure it was worth it. How boring life would be without any risk.😄 Furthermore, Arktis is obedient and we didn’t let her to do any harm to the garden.

My favourite photo is the one of Arktis, which fur is blown by breeze. Sometimes I manage to capture her “looks”, which make my heart melt immediately. The white flowers grew on the way there and are definitely also worth admiration.

Now I hope you won’t blow the whistle on us because of the break-in into the secret garden, but look at the photos!😄 Aren’t they beautiful?


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  1. weejars says:

    Such a beautiful dog! Great photos 😊

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