Our new rhododendronšŸŒø

Our new garden is filling up with new flowers, bushes and trees. I Ā“m particularly keen on rhododendrons, azaleas and roses, so I was extremely happy when my Dad allowed me to buy a few.
Until one rhododendron started blooming, I didn Ā“t know that it has such an extraordinary and beautiful colour (actually my favouriteĀ šŸ’—). When I saw it, I immediately knew I have to place Arktis there in front of my lens. It wasn Ā“t indeed easy at all as the light is usually very bright in that part of our garden, but eventually I succeeded.
Now I’m looking for someĀ blooming beauties around my house, especially for a poppy field. There used to be quite a lot of them, but this year it seems like poppy won’t grow anywhere. What a shame…Ā šŸ˜”

Can’t wait for Friday and the weekend. Hope the weather will be nice, so I can carry on searching for some interesting flowers and places to take photos ofĀ šŸ˜€




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  1. It looks like the dog loves this rhododendron šŸ™‚

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