Our new rhododendron🌸

Our new garden is filling up with new flowers, bushes and trees. I ´m particularly keen on rhododendrons, azaleas and roses, so I was extremely happy when my Dad allowed me to buy a few.
Until one rhododendron started blooming, I didn ´t know that it has such an extraordinary and beautiful colour (actually my favourite 💗). When I saw it, I immediately knew I have to place Arktis there in front of my lens. It wasn ´t indeed easy at all as the light is usually very bright in that part of our garden, but eventually I succeeded.
Now I’m looking for some blooming beauties around my house, especially for a poppy field. There used to be quite a lot of them, but this year it seems like poppy won’t grow anywhere. What a shame… 😔

Can’t wait for Friday and the weekend. Hope the weather will be nice, so I can carry on searching for some interesting flowers and places to take photos of 😀




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  1. It looks like the dog loves this rhododendron 🙂

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