Best café – Pijalnia czekolady E. Wedel

One from many things I miss from Poland is Polish cuisine, particularly desserts. If you’ve never eaten sernik krakowski or wuzetka (Polish typical cakes) you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but these are simply heavenly delish.

Fortunately, from time to time we go to Poland, so I have a chance to visit my favourite cafés. This time we went to „Pijalnia Czekolady Wedel“ in Galeria Katowicka in Katowice. The interior was elegant and all waiters and waitresses were very polite, friendly and eager to give advice to the customers.

Wedel is a famous polish producer of chocolate. Chocolate bars have unique flavours („Tiki Taki“ or „gorzka kokosowa“ belong to my favourite). In the café I had the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of desserts. It indeed took me quite long to decide what I’ll order. In the menu were many cakes, chocolate waffles, pancakes with sauces, pralines and as pijalnia czekolady means a hot chocolate café, there was a big range of hot chocolate with different flavours. Very tempting were also the chocolate dumplings, which in my opinion, are available only in Wedel cafés.

the menu
In the end we had a set of three mini desserts – fruit crumble with vanila ice cream, tiramisu with raspberries and ice cream. They were really petite and cute!😍

The café included the brand’s original shop. I highly recommend buying „Torcik Wedlowski“ (chocolate covered waffers). Very popular is also „Ptasie mleczko“ – something similar to marshmallows, but covered with chocolate).

other products
If you ever spend a few days in Poland and you would look for a nice place to relax, go to Pijalnia Czekolady Wedel and you won’t be disappointed!😉



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