Healthy lifestyle (recipes, weight loss and other tips)

Summer is getting closer and closer. Many of you have probably started working on your bodies in order to look good in crop tops, shorts, bikinis… I’d like to share my tips, which keep me fit the whole year round and which could be useful for beginners.

  1. Eat regularly – best is when you can have 5 meals/day. It’s much better to split the food to smaller portions than to eat everything at once (in the evening). Remember it’s important to enjoy what you eat, so make sure you have enough time for it.
  2. Eliminate eating while watching TV or surfing on the Internet. You won’t notice when you’re full, so you will eat more and you’ll develop a habit for eating of pure boredom.
  3. Try not to eat between main meals, so your digestion system can take a rest. If you’re terribly hungry, choose healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruits or make a big salad. It’s good to eat your last meal 3 hours before going to sleep.
  4. Move – even though diet has 80% impact on our weight and health, motion plays a significant role too. Leave your car in a garage and try to use a bicycle instead. Personally, I go often on foot and breathing the fresh air makes me feel relaxed. If you workout in a gym, it’s good to train each second day. Your body recovers, so you’ll have more energy for a next workout.workout.CH-2
  5. Drink enough water (watch out – juices also have calories). This rule is difficult to fulfill for me as I scarcely drink more than 1l of water/day. People should drink at least 2l/day (depends on your physical activity). It’s better to drink most of the amount in the morning.
Water with lemon and honey – best morning metabolic and immune boost

Wow, this is quite a long list of rules, which may seem challenging but trust me, once you get used to them, they’ll become an inseparable part of your life.

In my view, the main point of the entire concept of healthy lifestyle is understanding that the changes you make are not for a week, a month or a year… but forever. Healthy living is a way of thinking, otherwise the great effects you achieve will disappear.

Have a nice weekend and if you’re thinking about changing something in your lifestyle, make sure, you REALLY start on Monday! 🙂



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