Everything is blooming🌸

Just when I thought that spring blooming is over, sakura trees and other bushes decided to surprise me.

The fact that I’ve never noticed there are so many beautiful trees and bushes around, is really shocking. Pink or white blossoms catch my eye at almost every corner and I must admit I’m a bit crazy as I have no idea, which place to photograph first😜

This morning I went on a „spontaneous“ photoshoot – actually, this doesn’t happen very often as I’m obsessed with precise planning. Arktis was like an angel – I still wonder, what made her behave in this way – and I must say, she looked particularly adorable today (is it possible that dogs also have their „good fur day“ like we humans have our „good hair day“?😂).

My mum took out her old gilet a few days ago and unfortunately, I like it too much, so I tend to „borrow“ it quite often. Isn’t it just so chic?💕

I wish spring (weekends too) could last forever!🌸💗🌸💗🌸


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