Easter 2016

Hello everyone!

I hope you had wonderful Easter holiday!🐰

We were extremely lucky to have weather perfect for outdoor activities, so we decided to stroll in local parks and absorb as much sunshine as we could (I think the lack of sun – vitamin D is the reason why I have felt so weary and glum recently).

I really wanted to go to Flora park, where thousands of beautiful flowers bloom in spring. Just at the beginning of our walk we met a tiny dark brown squirrel, which made Arktis excited. I quickly tried to take a photo of it, however my lens was unfortunately too short. I’m planning to go on a “squirrel photo hunt” soon, but I’m afraid Arktis will have to stay at home…😉


As I already mentioned, there were so many stunning blooming bushes, trees and flowers, that it wasn’t easy at all to choose which to photograph first.🌷🌷🌷

Another thing which attracted my attention was a huge graffiti wall. In my opinion the photos are really climatic and it is almost unbelievable, that there is no filter added.

There are loads of secret places in Flora park and each time I go there I discover some new. When you are a photographer (even if just an amateur) you perceive the world a bit differently from the others and even minor things may become extraordinary – my Mum really appreciated this old wall with mysterious houses in the background and I found a mysterious nook nearby.

It was a pretty adventurous trek and I hope there will be more opportunities for such experiences.


I was so excited that I woke up at the crack of dawn (precisely 5:39). My hope for falling back to sleep and enjoying my last lazy morning was unsuccessful – I ended up editing the photos. I firmly believe that tomorrow I’ll moan and cuss when my alarm clock will go off😂😔

Hope the weekend comes soon…




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