Best dog toys

As you probably already know I‘m totally crazy about dogs. I was very surprised when I found out that my blog isn’t spammed with dog content posts… so now I feel responsible for making up for it!😜

This time I will write about my, well I think Arktis’s too, favourite dog toys, which I believe are both educational and entertaining for all types of dogs.

  • Puller and Liker by Collar

The first thing, which comes to my mind when somebody mentions a dog toy, is a ball. Yes, I reckon dogs are associated with balls a lot and each dog probably already has its ball even if it‘s just a simple tennis ball. But Liker is way different from other balls – it‘s lightweight and totally harmless as it‘s made from a unique soft material. In addition, it can float on water, so your dog can take it with wherever it wants.

Eventhough Arktis enjoys fetching balls, I guess she prefers her „ring“ Puller. Again, it’s lightweight and trust me, there isn’t a better feeling than knowing your dog is safe while playing. Puller accompanies us every day on our walks. It’s very multifunctional – you can throw it, roll it, pull and again, it’s also floaty. When I bought it for the first time I was worried it won’t last long as we use our toys daily and Puller seemed to be very soft, however I was amazed by the fact that it lasted for more than 3 months.

Both toys come in more sizes, so you can choose the best one for your doggie (Arktis is a border collie and size medium fits her well).


  • JW Hol-ee Roller

This extraordinary ball is made by JW Pet Company – a brand which I really like and associate with qood quality products. You can use this ball for a joint game, but it can entertain your dog even if you‘re not at home. Put your dog’s favourite treats inside and let it try to take them out. Arktis’s not fond of such activities at all, so we use it more as a classical ball.


  • Trixie Mad Scientist

I’ve never believed dogs can appreciate interactive toys – I suspected humans for creating toys more for themselves. It’s not possible to describe with words how big my surprise was, when Arktis started to use the toy herself.

The purpose of the activity is to fill the „test-tubes“ with treats and your dog must flip them over in order to get its reward. It looks really funny and Arktis tries to winkle out some food even when the tubes are empty, so I know she’s getting hungry😄


  • Kyjen Hedgehog & Real Animal Squeaker

Best plush dog toys I’ve ever seen. Arktis is a lucky owner of a jumbo hedgehog (yes, it’s almost the same size as her) and her two plush friends Racoon and Skunk. All of them are squeazy which excites dogs and definitely long-lasting. I sometimes find Arktis sleeping with them, so I guess theyŕe really close to her heart💗

Let me know if own any of these toys and what’s your experience with them! I’d be also very grateful for some tips, because Arktis’s birthday is soon!



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