My hair care tips

Hey, hey!

I really enjoyed writing a review and I hit on an idea of creating more posts, which would include my opinions and tips.

Many people tell me that I have wonderful hair and wonder how I care about them, so I decided to reveal my secret rules, haha😄

  • don’t wash your hair too often

I like to stick to my granny’s advice: letting your hair to get a bit oily is beneficial for it. If you wash it daily, your hair get used to the habit and will get oily more often than if you would wash it every two days. I had a wary attitude to this idea, but I assure it’s worth trying. Now my bangs stays nice and shiny much longer.

  • invest in good quality products

Sometimes cheap mascara is much better than the extremely expensive one, however unfortunately this doesn’t work with hair. I’ve been using products from Kérastase for about 2 years and I can see a significant difference. My hair looks stronger and neater. Furthermore, some Kérastase products add a lot of volume, what I absolutely love.

I don’t really use conditioners, but I believe it’s not necessary as long your shampoo includes many valuable ingredients. My favorite shampoos from Kérastase, which I highly recommend, are : BAIN VOLUMIFIQUE, BAIN DENSITÉ and BAIN CRISTAL FINE.


  • stay natural

I’ve never dyed my hair and I rarely use a curler or a hair straightener. Curling/straightening your hair twice per week isn’t so detrimental, but doing it every day will definitely not improve your hair condition. Remember, moderation plays a very important role in many aspects of our lives.

  • cut your hair regularly

I know. Many girls and women in general love long hair and cutting it is painful for them. A few inches will however make no difference in your appearance and your hair will thank you for this wise decision.

My hair used to be cca. 90 cm long and nobody could force me to cut it. It was ehausted and my ends split and fortunately I eventually decided to help it. Nowdays I have a middle-length hair and it’s is much easier to keep it neat. Trust me, once you overcome your fear, you will be grateful!

  • a balanced diet

A balanced diet is a foundation for your hair (also skin, nails…). If you don’t provide your body enough minerals and vitamins, your hair will suffer. What we eat influences our body much more than we think it does.

Food, which you should eat: fish, meat (especially poultry), dairy products, bran, nuts, seeds (sunflower, chia…), vegetables (spinach, broccoli, been, tomatoes, pepper), fruits (blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate, grapes).

Don’t forget about drinking proper amount of water!


Let me know what are your habits and tips! Also, do you think it is better to release posts on certain days, or it makes no difference to you?





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