Clarins fake tan review + photos


Sorry for the delay! I had loads of things to do and furthermore I wanted to think my review through.

I will do my best to give you as objective product review as possible.


✓ affordable prize (in comparison to Sisley…)

✓ quite easy to apply

✓ quick effects (skin darker after 2 hours)

✓ natural colour (no orange/yellow undertone)

✓ gorgeous healthy glow

✓ no spots or stains (even when it fades out)

✓ long lasting (cca. 3 days)


✘ typical fake tan smell (but VERY LIGHT)

✘ doesn’t make my skin flawless (a few blemishes appeared after the application)

To summarise, Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster has spectacular effects and gives your face natural sunkissed look, so I will definitely apply it again💗 I used it twice (on Sunday evening and on Monday morning) and I was surprised how instant the effects are – maybe it’s even better to apply it just once and then reapply it after the 2-3 days. I believe there disadvantages are minor and acceptable.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is my second fake tan ever, however it’s absolutely incomparable with the Sisley one, which I used previously. This is my point of view and I am sure that everybody has their own preferences, so it’s difficult to stay objective and satisfy all.

Last but not least are my before&after photos: the first one is before the application, on the other one is the effect I had on Monday morning (after the first application). Excuse my oily hair (this is also the reason why I hadn’t uploaded all the photos I took – I must admit I was a bit scared to wash my face and hair on the same day on which I used the fake tan). I wore no foundation and didn’t add any filters.beforeaftertan

I hope my review helped you if you considered buying this product.

Let me know which fake tan is YOUR favourite!




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