Kelly by Sissy MC

Hi guys,

it’s late Sunday afternoon and I finally found some time to sit down in my chair and write a post.

This weekend was WONDERFUL. We were busy, but we were busy doing things we liked.

I guess Saturday was a day which will stay in my memory for a long time. I couldn’t ged rid of a feeling that I was taking part in some kind of a fairytale and I was so afraid that this magic will hightail like it does when I start to appreciate something. Happiness is beautiful, but very fragile too.

Our day started with a photoshoot – sounds a bit boring as I usually take photos on weekends, however this one was a special one. First of all, I  was a model too and secondly, I posed in my brand new fashion prey – a coat by Kelly by Sissy MC. It’s an amazing coat, which has not only breathtaking appearance😍, but keeps you warm in freezing winter days. The only disadvantage is that coats from Kelly by Sissy MC are very expensive, but I definitely don’t regret buying it! Please ignore my red nose, it was extremely cold in the morning and a 90 minute walk left some evidence😂

… and because we didn’t have enough motion, we went for a long walk in the nearby forest😄 We haven’t been there for a while and it was nice to bring back some memories as we often visited the place when I was younger. It got late so we decided to eat a dinner in our favorite restaurant – Archa, where I had delicious pancakes with caramelized nuts. I believe we should go on such trips more often – nothing is more valuable than spending time together and last but not least, my mum needs a rest from cooking!

I think that nature is sometimes enjoying surprising us with its gifts. Against all the weather forecasts it started snowing in the evening and on Sunday many people had a chance to ice skate or make a snowman. It was lovely to see people having so much fun and I was amazed by how positive everyone was. If we are kind to one another on such circumstances, then I reckon we need snow everyday!

I wish this weekend could last forever as well as the snow, but unfortunately pleasant things tend to leave too quickly. What keeps me feel upbeat is that we will get our term school report next week and that means a Friday off!

My head is full of ideas, which I would love to fulfill, but I know everything needs time and that taking a shortcut is not the solution. There are also so many posts I would love to write, but it’s so difficult to choose what to start with and how to make it gripping and useful for you.

I wish you a successful new week😘




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  1. Great photos, great dog 🙂

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