2016 has just begun and has opened a lot of new opportunities for us all.

I really appreciate the way in which we spent the New Year’s Eve.

At the crack of dawn my Mum and I set off for a walk with Arktis. After many days when it was cloudy or rainy I had a chance to take out my camera and take some winter photos. I am really proud of our team as the photographs are stunning (I really didn’t expect that they will turn out so amazing💕) and I can’t wait to upload them here (I hope the new post will be finished in a few days as I a lot of new things happened in my “photographic life”).

I helped my Mum to prepare some party refreshments in the evening, then we had a big bowl of my favorite ice cream (I really liked that part of our programme) and we played a board game which we used to play for weeks when I was sick when I was about 7 – so nice to revive the old memories! We also created a list of things which we fear and don’t want to take place in our lives and according to the tradition, burnt it in our fireplace. I hope it will work and we will get rid of negative people, hatred, quarrels, diseases and bad luck permanently.

I have never ever had such a wonderful view of fireworks!✨ Our new house has large windows through which I could see the fireworks clearly and I was lucky to have my phone around.

So, even though many of you are probably bored of the slogan “New year, new me”, I decided to share with you some of my New Year’s resolutions.

  • be kind and helpful for other people
  • try to stand more, be less nervous and quarrelsome
  • try to do more household chores and keep the new house clean and tidy
  • be more creative in the kitchen
  • improve my makeup skills
  • learn new languages (Russian, Spanish)
  • spend more time with Arktis, go for long walks and teach her some new tricks
  • start making videos and leading and a channel on YT (yes, maybe I will make my first video soon!)
  • be brave and take some photos of myself in a summer dress in snow (alright, I already failed this attempt, but keep your fingers crossed for me – who knows, maybe I will pluck up the courage and fulfil my dream in case the snow stays for longer than two days😄😂)

And do you make a list of goals you want to achieve? Does it help you to stay persistent?

I wish you all a lot of health, happiness, peace, good time with your families and friends and success in 2016!🎈🎉🍸




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