Christmas 2015🎄

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting anything for so long! I feel really bad and ashamed, but fortunately I have a plea –  we’ve been moving into our new house!

Yes, after almost 2 years of intensive work and 2 years of  explaining to other people, that building a new house precisely takes time (I am sure lot of people didn’t believe us that we will move) we could enjoy Christmas in our new residence. But, I will provide more info about the house in the next post, because it is Christmas!

I guess all of us (my mum, my dad, my granny and even Arktis) perceived my idea of moving at Christmastime sceptically and anxiously. Who would like to sit on the floor in the middle of thousand of boxes while everybody else talked about baking cookies, getting presents and other stuff typical for Christmas? Even though it was me who persuaded my parents to accept that challenge I felt hopeless for a moment too.

However, believe me or not, we made it! Despite the fact we were extremely exhausted (my mum and dad must have felt dreadfully as they did most of the work) we managed to make everything on time + even all what we usually have on Christmas.

My father bought a marvelous and huge nordmann fir. It is really breathtaking as it is very dense and it is decorated with some warm white lights and golden and red shiny balls. I absolutely love the smell of the needles – this is what sets the Christmas atmosphere in my view. The only aspect I am not fond of is knowing that we can’t plant it.  Regreattably there is nothing what I can do about it, so I hope we will be able to admire our tree for as long as possible🎄

We celebrate Christmas in a Polish style, so we made traditional Polish meals – homemade biscuits, poppy-seed cake, borsch with ravioli and turkey with salad and baked potatoes! All of it was delicious and irresistible and I a afraid my jeans won’t fit after the Holidays anymore😂! But I can’t say I am not glad that there are some leftovers after the dinner which should be eaten (wasting food is really not nice😄).

Sitting under the Christmas tree and unwrapping the presents is the peak of our Christmas Eves. It‘s not about the presents, but they are a pleasant addition. This year it was different – I believe nobody knew what they were going to get (in case they did they would be great actors). Even I felt curious when I was holding a box with my name written on it. I fell in love with all I got (some makeup stuff and awesome nail polish set), but it was the first time when I felt happier when my mum opened a present from me, because it was the first time she didn’t help me to choose or get it❤ It cost me quite a lot of effort to buy it and the fact that everything turned out in a way I planned took a weight off my mind.

This Christmas, as I already mentioned, was different, very different from all Christmases I remember✨ It was the best Christmas I have ever had and I hope the next ones will be just better and better! We all tried our best and that’s what made it so charming and magical😍

So, my dears, I wish you all beautiful Christmastime! Enjoy it  as much as you can, try to spend as much time with your beloved ones as you can because they are the purpose of our lives and I wish you a lot of joy and relaxation too!

P.S. Can’t wait to share more about my new house with you!




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