On Monday instead of going to school my parents and I headed to Vienna for Christmas shopping. Seeing advent Vienna was my dream and I remember how unreachable it seemed when I was there in summer, already planning ahead as usual (trust me, there is nearly not a single thing which I hadn’t planned – this type of personality can be actually a bit exhausting😂).

And now I’m again in my house, sitting in my chair and blogging. I still can’t get over the fact how time flies but I believe the beautiful memories will stay in my heart forever. Fortunately I have still loads of photos to remake, so my mind can go back to the magical atmosphere for a moment.

Before starting telling you about my experiences I would like to bring out that I could be there thanks to my wonderful parents. I guess not many would allow me to take time off from school and would stand my moods and wishes. Mum, Dad, BIG thanks for everything you are doing for me! We are an inseparable trio and even though we sometimes play on each other nerves I am sure we couldn’t live without one another❤

So, it‘s time to relate the trip!

After entering to our room I was astonished. The view from the huge window was bewildering. You could see the roofs of the entire city including Stephansdom!

Hotel am Parkring in which we stayed is definitely worth recommending as its elegant and offers high quality rooms and service. I can’t skip mentioning the great location – Stephansplatz is really near and a walk to Mariahilferstraße takes about 35-40 minutes.

I am glad I discovered the beauty of woundering around the city, sitting in a cozy café or going crazy with my squad. Let’s say 3 years ago, I wouldn’t perceive being in Plachutta, Wien’s luxurious restaurant famous for traditional Wiener Schnitzel, as something special. Probably, I wouldn’t even see a difference between Plachutta and McDonald’s. Enjoying every single detail makes the trip far more adventurous and memorable.

I went shopping of course – it’s irresistible for me. I was in Zara, Bershka, Mango, Benetton, Comma, Tezenis, Calzedonia and Wolford. I am proud of myself as I didn’t buy any unnecessary things (wow, now I realize it’s maybe the first time and hopefully not the last one when I came back just with a bra). I try to keep on making conscious and careful choices for a while. This new system helped me to get rid of useless stuff and saved a lot of my money. Nevertheless Christmas is a challenging season as it serves a bulk of tempting goods and I just had to buy some cookie cutters (stars and snowflakes) and some other kitchen accessories, so I hope I will upload some new recipes soon🍰

Going to the well-known café Sacher in the evening was the frosting on the cake. I had a piece of the original Sacher chocolate cake and melange coffee which were heavenly delicious. Yummy yum!😋 If you love architecture, make sure to go on a night stroll to Albertina, the art gallery, from which you can admire the Vienna Opera. Each time I visit this place my jaw drops and it’s difficult to persuade me to leave.

I had a wonderful time in Vienna – Christmas lights and Christmas trees decorated with sweet candy canes everywhere, furthermore there were no abnormal crowds despite the shopping season… and Vienna simply has an unique enchantment. The only thing which I missed was snow. Snow, where are you? We all impatiently look forward seeing you!😧




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