Winter is here!

December has been there for a while and I guess that waiting for snow has already begun. Arktis loves it – she particularly enjoys catching snowballs ❄❄❄
Unfortunately it’s quite warm outside, so there’s a little chance for seeing snow soon but let’s bear in mind that hope dies last.
However I can’t resist sharing some winter photos from last year, which are in my opinion simply breathtaking.
But the fact which frustrates me a lot is that I still don’t have any Christmas presents. Not a single one!😂 OK, I bought a huge yellow plush ball for Arktis in Ikea (the truth is I bought it a long time ago but I forgot to give it to her, but who needs to know this😇) but apart from the ball I have no idea what should I get for the rest of my family. They all keep on telling me they don’t need anything (such a classic tale) but I would love to give them something what would make them really happy. If you have any suggestions, feel free to write them below in the comments – I will be grateful for your help because I want to do the shopping before the biggest crowds if possible.
Looking forward to your advice, guys!




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