Advent begins!

And so we have the first advent Sunday today… How time flies! I still remember lighting the first candle on the advent wreath last year and it doesn’t seem like it was so long ago.

Due to our tradition I made the wreath myself although I was afraid I won’t manage to do on time because of my CAE exams which I am taking on Wednesday. I really like how it turned out – simple but elegant. Do you also make the wreath yourself or do you prefer to buy one? Which colours do you choose for the decorations?

In Poland we have a special tradition on 30th November – divination. You need some wax (I usually use old candles), a pot in which you melt the wax and a key through which you pour it into a bowl with cold water. As a result you get wax bits. The task is to make out the meaning from the shape (for ex. a heart shaped piece can represent love). It’s a lot of fun and I think it’s worth giving a go. Our family will gather today in the evening so I really can’t wait to find out what will my piece look like!

Anyway I wish you all peaceful Sunday. Advent is a beatiful part of the year and keep in mind Christmas is just behind our doors, even though I think waiting for it is even more exciting.






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