Welcome to CHICMANIAC!

My name is Olivia and I’m 15 years old. I come from  a bilingual family – my mum comes from Poland and my dad from Czech Republic. Languages play a significant role in my life. I’m grateful that my parents provided me an opportunity to learn English since I was three because now I feel comfortable when I get in touch with it.

I’m writing this blog to share my photographs reflecting my everyday life with you. Photography is something I can’t live without. It’s my passion but maybe it’s time to admit that fairly an addicton.

My main model is my five year old border collie bitch called Arktis. Arktis was my birthday present, however it was not an inconsiderate and unwise decision. I was aware of what means an ownership of a living creature and the impact it will have on my life. It took me 4 years to develop a firm trusting relationship with Arktis. Each joint walk or training made our friendship stronger and today nobody can set us apart. As I am an only child Arktis is a substitute sister for me and time spent with her is absolutely priceless.

I guess this blog will be my diary and I’ll post entries about my hobbies (photography, art, dogs, makeup, fashion, cooking). You can expect lots of useful tips, recipes, DIY tutorials, makeup products reviews and much more. I hope I will inspire you and feel free to enclose a link to your own website! I can’t wait to hear from you!😘



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  1. I’m excited for you and your blog! Mind checking mine out? Fitteenfoodie.com

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