FASHION: Silver Vans

Have you ever had a thing which you wanted so much, that it gave you sleepless nights but it was already sold out?

In my case it were silver leather sneakers by Vans. I can ‘t tell how many websites I browsed through in order to find them, but I guess I had visited most online shoe shops. They were mainly sold out but nothing made me more angry than knowing they are available but the store doesn’t ship to my country or they are available just in a bigger size (am I the only person struggling with an extremely small shoe size?).

All of sudden, just after a few days after I had given up, they appeared on one of my favorite online websites in my size! I know I sound crazy, but I had to order them no matter what.

This is my recent outfit – I actually can ‘t take my new prey off and I think they look really nice with the black top (Bershka) and blue 3/4 jeans (Benetton).



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